Between High-end Branding and Low-end Goods: Finding the Right Scarcity Format

Frederik van Wylich-Muxoll & Agata Sicinska

Student thesis: Master thesis


The intention of this thesis is to examine the influence of scarcity messages on consumer product evaluation, and purchase intention, of functional everyday products, as well as how this links to the moderating effect of the featured brand, here specifically investigating the differential effects of a high-end versus a low-end brand. By conducting an online survey simulating a webshop setting, the study assesses the influence of manipulations of scarcity message and brand on consumer product evaluation for non-conspicuous products. The results of the study conducted show no significant effect of scarcity messages on evaluation of high-end brand products, but have indicated a significantly higher effect of limited-time scarcity (LTS) messages than limited-quantity scarcity (LQS) on low-end brand products.

EducationsMSc in Strategy, Organization and Leadership, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages73
SupervisorsSeidi Suurmets & Jesper Clement