Beauty Youtubers: A Study on the Key Factors of their Succes and the Influence they Generate on French Consumers' Purchasing Behaviour

Marie-Helene Camille Bak Papiau

Student thesis: Master thesis


The advent of social media have changed our way of communicating with each other and have lead to the constant share of our opinions and product recommendations. Thus, some previously anonymous individuals have become opinion leaders in their specific area of expertise and are today qualified as influencers. Beauty Youtubers have been able to create huge communities of followers who use their recommendations, reviews and opinions as primary source of consideration in regards to products of interest. Ultimately, the emergence of beauty Youtubers has directly affected the cosmetic industry as they are able to make and unmake trends through their Youtube videos and through the followers they have acquired. The aim of this thesis is to investigate the elements which define the success of the beauty Youtubers, and how they contribute to their influence on the French consumers’ purchasing behaviour. To do so, we have conducted a literature review about social media, electronic word of mouth and influencers, which have highlighted source credibility and its dimensions, and how the positive perception of credibility could impact on the attitude toward the brand and on consumer behaviour. A series of hypothesis were formulated on the basis of this review. Empirical have revealed the vital role of social media when it comes to consumers purchasing cosmetic goods. The data produced has further allowed us to emphasise on the positive perception of expertise, physical and social attractiveness and trustworthiness towards popular beauty Youtubers. The data revealed that the overall positive perception of credibility is directly correlated to the participants’ positive response towards cosmetic brand image and purchasing behaviour. The Youtubers’ presence on social media, along with the positive perception of their expertise, physical and social attractiveness and trustworthiness, are all elements which contribute to their success and their influence on French consumers’ purchasing behaviour. The research revealed a certain distrust towards traditional media advertising. It has also shown the advantages, the consequences but also the risks of the implication of cosmetic brands on the beauty Youtubers contents, as they distort the positive perception of their trustworthiness, and by then the consumers’ trust and positive perception of the brand

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages83