Optimering af konkurrenceevnen: Et grounded theory af det danske dagligvaremarked

Brian Nowak Jensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In this master thesis I’m investigate the hypothesis:”Why is it so hard for one of the biggest retailer in Denmark to earn money and why are there empty shelves?” My focus in the thesis had been to improve the competitive power so the players can be ready when or if they are challenging at the Danish retailer market. To find out this I had used Grounded Theory method and created my own theory. I had choose one player; COOP Danmark to do my empirical work in. My empirical work containing investigations, observations and interviews with shop managers, head of departments and workers ‘at the floor’. My focus in the empirical investigation had been the shops as they represent the chain for the public. I had in my work tried to follow and article through the shop, from it’s ordered to it had been sold. After structuring and analysing my data I build up a theory that could me understand and answer my hypothesis. The result shows that the market are very conservative in they way to run business and also that they not fear competition from foreign players. I also found out that there are lot of areas there could be improved. To make COOP Danmark more competitive and improved the problem areas I came up with some ideas how to solve the problems. Until now no foreign competitors has entered the Danish market, but if they are coming, the Danish players will face hard competition. For that reason it is necessary to change mindset and invest in new technology, optimize processes and start working as one supply chain instead of separated shops.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages116