Danske Bank: Discount yellow & royal blue

Signe Lind

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is exploring how a five week long campaign, ”yellow campaign”, is affecting the corporate brand of Danske Bank. Through a theoretical exposition and a practical case study I examine the kind of opportunities and challenges that may arise in the attempt to change the image of Danske Bank. First I will look at internal as well as external processes, tools and implementation of a corporate branding initiative. I then go on to discuss the approach to changing the image and discuss if “inexpensive” successfully can be integrated into Danske Banks existing corporate image. I conclude that working with the Danske Banks’ logo was efficient in terms of creating buzz. The logo is a strong symbol that works as a part of the consumers’ way of understanding and expressing themselves, which is why it has provoked complex emotions and generated buzz. The research in this thesis shows that many of the Danske Bank customers have become more negative towards Danske Bank due to the campaign. Danske Bank therefore risk alienated their current customers, because the campaign does not represent the long lasting core values of the organisation. Danske Bank furthermore did not want to differentiate on price, but just be price-neutral, which was an unclear message and misunderstood by consumers as well as employees. Danske Bank have created a lot of buzz through viral marketing, but the primary focus was the colour of logo and a discussion of negative aspects of a “discount” bank. The “inexpensive” message was furthermore not perceived to be credible and trustworthy. My research shows that employees have a positive perception of “yellow campaign” and Danske Bank, while the customers perceived Danske Bank as old fashioned and selfish/cynical. The ”yellow campaign” has been poorly receive and Danske Bank is not seen as inexpensive or any cheaper than its competitors. The tracking show an improvement in terms of “accessable”, but that might be influenced by other factors such as the introduction of smartphone applications ect., because they do not seem more positive when talking specific on “yellow campaign”.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages220