’Jeg er Forskel’: En analyse af debatten om Yahya Hassan

Rahime Turan

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis deals with the aftermath and debate spawned by the publication of young poet Yahya Hassan’s eponymous debut, in which a critique of migrant societies are being criticizes for being hypocritical in regards to defending a Muslim way of living and practicing Islam unfaithfully. The debate introduced divergent connotations of the subject of integration, which for the last twenty years had been very monotonous, repeating the same issues and concerns that to an increasing degree demanded assimilation rather than integration. It also stirred up fixed categorizations concerning immigrant identity and nuanced it by pulling several themes into the debate. Using various articles published during that time as a point of departure, and a theoretical framework provided by Michel Foucault’s theories of subjectivation, technologies of power and discourse, the thesis provides an analysis of which identity markers Hassan is given in the discourses. Thus, the thesis deals with identity and how it is produced in the debate. Departing from the research question: which discourses and identity constructions can be observed in the debate on Yahya Hassan and his poetry collection how they produce an identity and possibilities of action, the thesis consists of two sections, with the first section acting as a theoretical base, laying the strategy of the analysis, as well as the methodological and empirical foundation of the thesis. The analysis part is divided into two sections, first the discourse analysis followed by the discussion. The aim of the first part, that of the discourse analysis, is to identify objects, concepts and themes that result in the following discourses: Discourse of Class, Discourse of Community, Discourse of Value and Discourse of Representation. The discussion chapter is intended to account for the discursive argument aimed at defining which identity or identities are being produced, and which possibilities of action they mediate. The analysis will demonstrate how the identity of Yahya Hassan becomes a representative for several subject positions. Hassan avoids categorization and specific identity markers, articulating a form of non-identity. This places him in-between positions, producing an identity where he is différance.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages80