Work-life balance hos advokater

Sofie Bolding Christensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


ABSTRACT: This study takes a social constructivist approach to Work-Life Balance based on an empirical, qualitative study specifically seeking to examine how young lawyers with children relate to Work-Life Balance and the challenges they may face. The root of the issue lies within the struggle of balance between long working hours, professional commitments and functioning family life. The problem statement of the thesis: How do young lawyers with children relate to their Work-Life Balance? In order to thoroughly examine the posed thesis problem statement, the following two questions are taken into consideration: 1. What dominant issues are constructed through narratives? 2. By using narratives, how do young lawyers make sense of their challenges in relation to the Work-Life Balance? This thesis makes use of semi-structured, narrative-inspired interviews with eight lawyers, each from different leading law firms in Copenhagen, Denmark. Notable theorists from the narrative theory include Jerome Bruner and Kenneth J. Gergen and supporting concepts as the Generalized Other by George Herbert Mead and Social Realities by W. Barnett Pearce. The structure of this thesis consists of five main parts: Introduction, scientific methodology, theoretical approach, analysis based on interviews, and discussion of findings. The discussion is a reflection of the different realms of tension experienced by the interviewees as well as the available options articulated in the narratives. Through extensive analysis, it was found that the lawyers’ relationship with Work-Life Balance is a social construction not only of the way in which they articulate their conditions but their personal moral values as well. The individual lawyer’s relationship with Work-Life Balance is not solely influenced by external factors such as time or workload but rather is dependent on whether the individual can continuously create meaningful work and personal life conditions for themselves.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages87