Jægeren 2014: Et forbrugerkulturelt studium omhandlende hvorfor det er moderne at gå på jagt

Robin Oliver Bentley

Student thesis: Master thesis


Hunting has always been part of man. While the hunter-gatherer system used to be the sole manner of feeding ones family in early times, today hunting as a hobby is becoming ever so popular in the Danish population. This thesis explores why Denmark has seen a rise in the number of people obtaining a hunting license. This finding is examined through the following problem statement: Why has it become trendy to hunt? Which motives do new hunters have for choosing this particular hobby? Ronald Inglehart’s theoretical framework on postmodernization of society and values and the derived effect on consumption combined with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sets the discourse of the thesis. The theory of the postmodern consumer combined with the motives for choosing hunting as a hobby is tested in qualitative and quantitative studies in relevance with this particular study. The findings of the studies show, that although many of the new hunters’ motives for getting a hunting license can be traced to the theories of postmodern consumption, many new hunters are influenced by modern values when they choose to become hunters. Through the chosen theoretical approaches the single-case study concludes that Danish hunters overall seek self-realization through hunting, but they have a myriad of different faces, and not two hunters may have the same motives.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages113