Lean implementering i klinisk udvikling hos LEO Pharma A/S

Henrik Thormod Andersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


A Lean survey was conducted for which the employees at LEO Pharma’s Clinical Development Department were the respondents. The objective of the survey was to investigate attitude and procedures among the employees from a Lean perspective in order to establish areas for improvement in terms of reducing the throughput time of projects at Clinical Development. 46 out of 75 (61%) employees responded to the survey, but only 20 responses were found acceptable for further analysis. However, due to the lack of sufficient and acceptable responses from the assistants (non-academics), the GCP section and the Medical Department the survey fails to represent the entire Clinical Development function. The survey can at the most be considered indicative. Based upon careful assessments of the results it was possible to state 4 Lean recommendations which all aim to reduce the throughput time of projects in Clinical Department. The 4 Lean recommendations are the following: 1. Define customer relations for Clinical Development and establish ongoing customer relation programs for line management as well as project managers. 2. Teach employees at Clinical Development the importance of social network relations to CRO’s and CMO’s. Declare social networking and mutual trust official CRO/CMO policy for Clinical Development. 3. Prioritize ongoing improvements during a development project. This task should have the full attention of the management in order to ensure sufficient recognition of the importance of this task. 4. Make project manager positions attractive and give these positions high status. Carefully select and educate the right employees for these positions. Let the development projects be controlled and owned by the same project manager from phase I through phase III studies.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages134