Revision af danske pengeinstitutter i relation til den finansielle krise

Kia Norsker

Student thesis: Master thesis


Since the nancial crisis started several danish banks have collapsed. This has resulted in a decline of the trust in the economy. In some cases the bank's annual report had received a clean auditor's report shortly before its collapse. This has also contributed to the society's decline of trust, especially in the auditing profession. To increase the trust again it is crucial to ensure the quality of the audit in the future. To do so, it is investigated what the auditor can do to identify nancial problems in danish banks in time. The answer to the question is approached from a high level as not only the auditors actions are considered, but also the auditor's quali cations, law initiatives etc. To understand what demands the danish audit profession are subject to, the danish special rules of law for the audit, the new Basel rules and the demands for the banks' capital as well as solvency are described. Furthermore several articles performed by researchers and specialists regarding audit in relation to the nancial crisis have been read and outlined. In order to nd solutions to the question investigated, experienced auditors, economists and journalists have answered a questionnaire and a few of them have been interviewed. They came up with several suggestions as to how the quality of the audit can be ensured and improved. Some of the suggestions need further research and others can be implemented in this very moment by the individual auditor.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages123