Icons, culture, context: A new perspective on branding in moderne contexts

Rasmus Mars

Student thesis: Master thesis


The following thesis examines and illustrates how methods of contextual branding – a recent theoretical branch within the branding paradigm has evolved from traditional theoretical principles to become a holistic applicable tangible theory; a theory that by the use of a historical analysis of the brand of Virgin proves to have been advantageous throughout the span of four decades. In addition, the empirical performance of Virgin derived from applying principles of contextual branding is comparatively analyzed to that of British Airways – proving the principles of contextual branding superior. Furthermore, to test whether these principles still deem superior, this thesis illustrates how theories and strategies of contextual branding could prove advantageous in the current context – defined by the financial crisis. Thus, providing a different perspective of branding based on a variety of academic approaches, amongst which are; psychology, sociology, finance, consumption, future studies and behavioural science. Combining the theoretical and empirical analyses above, this thesis offers unique insight and recommendations in the modern world of branding – a world in which the image of the financial crisis as the “perfect storm of capitalism” is punctured by contextual decoding and exploitation of cultural trends.

EducationsMSc in Finance and Strategic Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages176