Exploration of Value-centered Smart Product-service System’s Development Process Through Research-In-Design

Daniel Dul & Kultaran Singh

Student thesis: Master thesis


Smart Product-Service Systems (Smart PSS) have recently gained increasing focus from manufacturers as market solutions due to their increasing relevance for consumers. Study by Valencia et. al (2015), however, pointed out to several challenges that designers face while engaged in Smart PSS development. In this research, we focussed on two of those challenges, namely: on translating user values and needs into meaningful interactions that create value as well as on understanding the Smart PSS use context in order to maximize value for the end users. To do so, we adopted Value- Centered Design (VCD) framework, and adapted it for the needs of our project, thus developing the Revised VCD framework. Therein, Activity Theoretical HCI concepts as well as Human-Artifact Model were used to explore the context, and focus on user values and needs was emphasized in order to provide for understanding of end users. The research was further based upon the case study, wherein IdemoTrainer ® (digital fitness guide) was being developed with collaborating student designers from a partnering company DELTA. Subsequently, certain aspects of the framework were tested with the student designers through focus group and questionnaire. The learnings from the whole design process as well as the proposed Revised VCD were discussed and presented, followed by future research recommendations in hope that other researchers and/or practitioners may benefit and build upon this study. This work’s contribution is manifested in the form of critical presentation of the Human-Artifact Model, and VCD framework, which adds up to the limited literature on both of the topics. Last but not least, Smart PSS concept was clarified basing upon the ‘autonomous value’ concept known from PSS literature.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages126
SupervisorsTorkil Clemmensen