Skolefortællinger: - Om valg af grundskole i København

Pernille Bach Villadsen & Ditte May Holmslykke

Student thesis: Master thesis


The main focus of this master thesis is the choice Copenhagen parents face when having to choose the right school for their child. We have investigated this problem, as it seems like the options have been expanded in recent years with an increased number of private schools and with a free choice of the public schools. The master thesis is empirically grounded, and we have investigated the problem from a narrative ap-proach using Paul Ricæur’s concept of mimesis as a theoretical frame. We have gathered stories from par-ents through qualitative interviews, since we want to map the different approaches, parents put in to this decision. Thus, we have investigated, how parents themselves perceive their choice, and which values they attribute the choice. From the narrative analysis, we identified four ideal typical ways to make the decision.The findings from the narrative analysis are placed into a system theoretical frame, using concepts devel-oped by Niklas Luhmann. This allows us to explore and extrapolate paradoxes, which appear in the commu-nication about the choice of school, when we focus on, whether the choice of “the right school” is possible. This leads us to demonstrate how the parents in the four ideal types treat the paradoxes in the choice dif-ferently. We find the fourth ideal type especially interesting, as it acts in a hybrid form. The hybrid uses complexity in its choice and never stabilize a choice as a final and right choice. The final analysis and discussion of problems connected to the hybrid way of solving the school choice points to some critical issues for the public schools in Copenhagen

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages141