Strategiske marketingmæssige overvejelser omkring det polske konsumentmarkeds attraktivitet for udvalgte danske mærkevarer eksempelvis ved IC Companys & Montana

David Cwiertnia Christensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis is about the strategic possibilities of exporting Danish brands to the Polish consumer market. The general aim is to analyse the attractiveness of the Polish consumer market concerning selected Danish brands. The companies which are used in the master thesis are Montana, producing designer furniture and IC Companys, which is a clothing company. The thesis is split up into three main parts; intern, extern and strategy. The first part will analyse the two chosen companies from an inside out perspective. The second part will analyse the Polish market on three different levels; macro, meso and micro. The last part will be a discussion about which strategy should be chosen concerning the Polish market. The economic situation has been very good the last 3-4 years with high growth rates mainly because of Poland`s entrance to EU. The income distribution in Poland is very unequal and there is a big difference in the income distribution between cities and the country side. About 15 % of the Poles have an income which is on the same level or better than in Western Europe. The purchasing power is increasing, which means that the middle class is growing. The two mainly growth centres are Mazowieckie and Slaskie where 1/3 of the BNP is produced. It is also in those two counties where the income distribution is more advantageous. Consumer ethnocentrism is an element which exists in Poland where you can segment the polish consumers into three segments. There are variable as income and education which affects consumer etnocentrisme negatively where patriotism and conservatism affects positively. This is important knowledge to use when you segment the polish consumer market. It is suggested that Montana should use the direct export form via an interior designer if they want to start an export to Poland. Montana should brand themselves together with other Danish designer companies as it will be more advantageous. It is also important that Montana brand them as a brand which is Danish of origin as the polish consumers prefer foreign luxury brands. In case of IC Companys it’s suggested that they use the franchise concept for opening a shop in Poland. Concerning IC Companys it is suggested that they should introduce Tiger of Sweden through the franchise concept but because the economical crisis it is more rational to introduce Tiger of Sweden in one of their existing shops as it minimize the risk. IC Companys also considerate to produce Tiger of Sweden through their production facilities in Poland as Tiger of Sweden will appear as a brand which is made in Poland. Because some polish consumers prefer polish brands regarding brands which is characterized with a lower need. It is important that IC Companys brands Tiger of Sweden as a Scandinavian brand which is made in Poland.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages116