Strategisk markedsføringsplan for Fitness DK: Strategisk analyse og kundeanalyse

Bjørn Pihl

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to find out how the fitness chain Fitness dk can improve it’s customer loyalty in the danish market thereby increasing its Customer Lifetime Value. An analysis is prepared which includes respectively a strategic analysis and a customer analysis over Fitness dk’s customers. On the basis of this a marketing plan is developed for Fitness dk. The strategic analysis includes: An elucidation of Fitness dk’s marketing mix. An illumination of the chains economy and also an industry analysis. The results of this part of the analysis shows that Fitness dk currently has a short customer lifecycle in a market characterized by fierce competition where the chain has not yet managed to separate their concept significantly from their biggest competitor Fitness World while at the same time there generally is a competition on low prices on the market. The customer analysis includes mainly a factor analysis, linear regression analysis and a multiple regressions analysis. The sample consists of 129 persons who are members of fitness dk. It has by these analyzes been proven that the factors service, security, price and supply of fitness activities contribute most towards a good attitude and customer satisfaction which results in customer loyalty. Additionally the analyzes show that it’s the conditions around the staff, staff service, work out opportunities and the atmosphere in fitness centers which should be prioritized. The new strategy is an innovation strategy made on the basis of the analysis part. It includes a comprehensive customer loyalty program and an extension of the marketing parameters price, product, promotion and people. The loyalty programme gives the loyal customers an increased value of their membership in the form of them being able to earn different coins which they can use on an exclusive price program, services and products. The price and product parameters are extended to improve the conditions around their complimentary services which the staff deleiver. This will increase sale and cross sale. . The aim is that the strategic initiatives become affordable for most loyal customers. To buy extra services besides the membership itself. The promotion parameter will be targeted Fitness dk's own customers, while it will still be possible to get new customers by promotion. The people parameter has to be improved henceforth, partly by introducing a Human Resource Department and training the staff, where the objective should be to streamline staff values and make sure they provide the same service and delivery of service across centers without any differences.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages217