Digital markedsføringsplan for

Jannik Lawaetz

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


Metroxpress Denmark A/S is a company owned by A-pressen (24,5%), JP/Politikken (24,5%) and Metro International (51%). Since 4 September 2001, the company has published the newspaper Metroxpress in Denmark. Later Metroxpress Denmark acquired the activity of the newspaper 24timer and by 30 June 2008 the management of the 24timer was transferred to Metroxpress Denmark. The most attractive segment within Metroxpress consists of the younger population, and the segment has an enormous impact, on Metroxpress business and position, as an attractive platform for advertising. The daily newspaper Metroxpress creates a significant value, to the readers and advertisers, by delivering a free distributed newspaper, in a time and place, where it is predictable to be read, by a massive amount of people, travelling public transport. The offline newspaper has a strong brand proposition, but has not yet been able to convert it, into a successful online value proposition for the visitors of The lack of a clear and communicable online value proposition, has consequences on the low visitor rates, and the newspaper is ranked same level as several local online newspapers. has not been able to focus, on any exclusive and unique segment, and it creates problems in communicating the true value, of visiting the newspaper online. The digitization has created new environments for the news industry. New strong competitors are turning their businesses, in to focusing on the short and daily news, and by that competing with Metroxpress both offline and online. Blogging and P2P users are changing the grounding rules as contributors of daily news. shall relaunch and focus on the trends, the digitization has created. Blogs and the visitor’s selective use of news, shall together with contribution programs represent an online portal, with news from several sources. This compromised together, will deliver a new online value proposition, for the same attractive segment as the offline newspaper. The online marketing plan involves integrating online social networks as Facebook and Twitter, with the newspaper offline. With the higher focus, on delivering an extended value in visiting, the online newspaper will be able to enlarge their representation of the younger segment in the age of 15-24, students and apprentices. Furthermore it is predictable to enlarge the number of page views, which will generate a larger profit, from the integrated advertising platform.

EducationsGraduate Diploma Marketing Management and International Trade, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages90