Mulighedsfelter i ungdomssanktionen: En magtanalyse af socialarbejderens handlerum i arbejdet med unge kriminelle

Stine Skipper

Student thesis: Master thesis


The starting point of this dissertation is the ‘Youth Sanction’. The youth sanction is a sentence for two years of structured, social pedagogical treatment and is an alternative to imprisonment for young people between the age of 15 and 17, who have committed serious crimes such as violence, robbery, rape and gross theft. The target group of the sanction is youngsters with significant problems adjusting to society and the treatment therefore takes shape of a normalizing and rehabilitative treatment. The reputation of the sanction though is marked by the fact that close to 80 % of the sentenced young people falls back into crime. While it is the legal system that sentences the young people to the youth sanction, it is the social workers that must carry out the sentence. The local authorities hold in this way the responsibility for the actual execution and it is in practice up to the social worker to guide the young boy or girl out of their criminal career. There is however several discrepancies between on the one hand the objectives and standards of the administration as a representative of the social system and on the other hand the social workers self-perception and professional integrity. Therefore, the main object of this study is to uncover in which way the tension caused by the above mentioned discrepancies produces a particularly field of possibilities for the social worker to navigate in, when working with these young criminals who have been sentenced to a youth sanction. To survey this field of possibilities, that exposes in which way the youth sanction influences on the line of actions that the social worker must subjugate himself to, this dissertation presents a power analysis. Through this it is possibly to map out those different terms, that the social worker and the social system respectively points out as being significant when creating a line of action in relation to the youth sanction. The purpose of this dissertation is like this to throw light on those impediments that may occur, when the social worker engages in the youth sanction. By these means it might be possibly to find new solutions to overcome some of the impediments and in this way to create more successful youth sanctions.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2008
Number of pages147