En undersøgelse af danskernes tilfredshed med NemId

Julie Olegovna Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


NemId is a state project which applies the entire Danish population. It is not possible to say no to NemId which makes it important that all citizens are satisfied with NemId. Aim of this thesis is to find out what action is required of DanId to increase overall satisfaction with NemId. A conceptual model has therefore been developed, with a background in literature. By combining theories in Diffusion of Innovations, Innovation Resistance Model, Theory of Reasoned Action and Technology Acceptance Model a conceptual model is operationalized. By conducting nine in-depth interviews, a structural equation model with latent variables and a measurement system is proposed. To validate the structural equation model, 440 internet surveys were conducted. The model is estimated and tested by using partial least squares. A high level of explanatory level is obtained, and the results indicate strong support for the proposed model. The estimated model gives performance indexes for each variable in the model and impact scores for the relationships between the variables. Variables perceived ease-of-use, perceived risk, existing practices and Word Of Mouth, were found to have the strongest impact on a users overall satisfaction with NemId. Variable perceived usefulness was also fund to have an impact on overall satisfaction. The variable that achieves a low index is WOM. The negative WOM should therefore be changed to more positive WOM to achieve a greater satisfaction with NemId. Index numbers of variables perceived risk and perceived usefulness must also be improved to increase overall satisfaction with NemId. By highlighting that DanId is an adequate protector of users' personal information, and that NemId has many advantages, will improve overall satisfaction. It has not been possible to find out whether the degree of satisfaction varies within the population. The only significant demographic variable is gender. This shows that women are more satisfied with NemId than men. DanId should therefore focus their action on the male population. The results of this study suggest that further research is required to achieve a higher level of explanatory for variables risk, inconvenience and perceived usefulness. The thesis only focuses on WOM, therefore further research in impact on a users overall satisfaction by electronic WOM is also required.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages85