At lede sig selv strategisk: Mellem forpligtelse og frihed

Charlotte Lisbeth Nielsen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The aim of this master thesis is to investigate the employee´s own understanding of the commitment to work in order to gain freedom in the process of work. The inspiration to the subject in this thesis is found in my own management context and has been blown from absence I´ve had in case of the master education. I discovered that my absence for some staff has associated with great frustration and for other staff that task is a natural thing. In my time as leader in this department, I´ve worked with trying to encourage the employees to take greater part in decisions in the department that concern the professional part. The practical background of this thesis is collected due to semistrucured interviews with staff and the theoretical background is primarily taken in Anders Raastrup Kristensen and Michael Pedersen research in selfmanagerial staff. The main conclusions are: • All employees commit themselves to some degree at work, but not all staff will be able to achieve the strategic selfmanagerial level. • Committing to work through achieving freedom in the work is an intrinsic operation. In some people, the employees can with support management, manage to make more of the selfmanagerial, but it is not all employees naturally and this employee will not experience the personal input of the work. • It also emergers in the interviews that some employees also have a different ability to commit themselves to colleagues and to work, to great frustration for the strategic selfmanagerial staff. • A lack of commitment to work will for some employees lead to a lack of motivation in other staff. • It is important that the leader is present and visible in everyday life and it is important to operate in the direction of a recognizing approach to the employee. • As leader of the department my aim is, and my wish is, to assist the staff to be able to commit to work, to commit on each other and to commit to the organization. I see now that it will not happen in the realm I can describe as success. This thesis raises the issue if strategic selfmanagement, is something that all employees can achieve or are strategic selfmanagement simply for the employees for whom the commitment to work will trigger a personal goal.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages42
SupervisorsMichael Pedersen