Assessment of Grocery eCommerce in Scandinavia

Julija Minkeviciute

Student thesis: Master thesis


Given the progressive growth of grocery e-commerce sales and increasing competition in the online grocery landscape, this thesis aims to evaluate its potential in Scandinavia. It seeks to analyse the current market situation by comparing the level of development in each local market and identify the potential perspectives as well as barriers that may affect the further development of the industry in the three Scandinavian countries, namely Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The author strives to determine what are the prevailing business models and operational methods adopted by the most significant online grocery retailers in Scandinavia and compare it between the countries. The latter is achieved by depicting the competitive landscape of e-grocers based on operational differences in their order fulfilment and delivery strategies, as well as observing the benefits and challenges of each strategy type. The research aim is achieved by designing a qualitative research study, which is supported by the abductive reasoning and exploratory purpose of this thesis. The data collection for this study has happened through analysing secondary data sources and conducting qualitative semi-structured interviews with experts from retail and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies. The empirical findings of this thesis led to a discussion that presented theoretical and practical implications for academics and practitioners. Moreover, the author identified how the findings could be applied in a broader context of the retail industry and provided recommendations on how future research could be built upon the author’s discussed findings.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages88
SupervisorsXiao Xiao