Artificial Intelligencein Digital Advertising: Perspectives of the Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Digital Advertising

Agne Valatkaite, Andrea Filova, Karolina Anna Zbicinska & Luca Klara Torszok

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis aims to uncover the reasons behind the adoption of artificial intelligence within the field of digital advertising. It seeks to understand the motives that drive the artificial intelligence adoption and identify the potential benefits and challenges that this process may entail. The authors strive to identify the key incentives for artificial intelligence adoption and observe the benefits and challenges arising from this process with the application of IAT adoption model. The data collection for this research happens through conducting qualitative semi-structured interviews with subject matter experts from advertising technology and media agency companies. This research paper is guided by abductive research approach; henceforth, it uses the theoretical framework of IAT adoption model to identify the key patterns that appear from the interviews. However, the yonder chapters of this master thesis identify the set of concepts applicable specifically to digital advertising and provide the theory suggestion on the modification of the IAT adoption model, in order to reflect the findings of this research. The authors of this master thesis identify the research gap that exists within academic works and offers their suggestion for future research in the field of artificial intelligence adoption amongst companies operating within digital advertising.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages199
SupervisorsAbayomi Baiyere