Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work: A Grounded Theory of Automated Translation Work

Christian Alexander Andersen & Marten Simon Sievers

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study explores the impact of digital automation on creative work through a process oriented study within the context of the web design industry. Through a grounded theory methodology, a theory of Automated Translation Work is constructed, which is informed through three core processes — Delinking, Standardizing, and Reconfiguring. The findings suggest that automation within creative work happens on a micro-task level through the delinking of non-creative and creative tasks, the introduction of new standards and the reconfiguration of the work process. Thereby, this study contributes to the existing academic literature on work automation and creative work, by providing an in-depth view on the impact of digital automation on creative work practices. The results are discussed in relation to literature within the information systems research domain, providing a context specific definition for the criteria of automation and the contribution of our study for to research. Furthermore, the findings are discussed in relation to the impact of digital automation on creative work, giving insights to the future of creatives and the developments within their industries

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages73
SupervisorsNicola Ens