An Investigation of Customer Satisfaction and Key Service Parameters at the Festival Musik I Lejet

Jonatan Wilhelm Trock

Student thesis: Master thesis


The project investigates the relationship between key service parameters and guest satisfaction for the music festival Musik i Lejet. It furthermore defines a distinct process through which it is possible to measure and keep track of the guests’ attitude towards the festival for future strategic purposes. Through qualitative analysis of interview studies several important service parameters has been pinpointed to have effect on a satisfactory festival experience: “the music”, “number of guests & size of festival”, “surroundings & placement”, “camping area”, “prices”, “food & drinks”, “nightlife” and “volunteer experience”. The data foundation has been collected through a questionnaire survey distributed through the festival’s Facebook-channel executed by the festival board. Since the survey has been structured autonomously from the project, it has been necessary to perform certain adjustments of the analysis of quantitative data. Through a factor analysis the investigated service touch points are: “facilities”, “bar stands”, “food stands”, “music circumstances” and “music facilities”. It is found that the parameters “music circumstances” as well as “bar stands” has the only significant effect on overall satisfaction, which is measured via a surrogate variable of overall music satisfaction. Especially important to the overall musical experience is found to be the variation in the music as well as the music’s ability to match the festival atmosphere. It is found that the level of satisfaction is significantly greater with the elder as well as female guests. It is thus recommended to the festival that they investigate the opportunities to increase satisfaction with the younger and the male clientele. It is found that the younger guests are especially unhappy with the pricing during the festival, and the male guests generally less satisfied. The age group 31-40-years have been found the most unsatisfied with the overall music experience. Generally the guests at Musik I Lejet have been found to exhibit exemplary overall satisfaction and loyalty. It is recommended that the festival continue researching into their customers to uphold a great fit with customer expectations

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages175