An Investigation of Artificial Intelligence in the Marketplace- A Multiple Case Study: How does the Interplay between AI, Management and Organization Impact the Implementation of AI-Driven Solutions?

Amalie Palsgaard Lønning & Elise Kallstad

Student thesis: Master thesis


Artificial intelligence in the marketplace has become increasingly hyped in recent years, however scholars and practitioners argue that managers and developers understand very little about how management and organizations affect or is affected by the technology. Therefore, this thesis aimed to explore the phenomena of AI in the marketplace and its impact on management and their organizations by investigating how the interplay between AI, management and the organization affect the implementation of AI-driven solutions. Thus, contribute to the field of managerial theory and provide new navigational tools to support managers seeking to utilize AI for their businesses in the future. As such, following a qualitative research design, a new conceptual framework is proposed, built on the founding thoughts of Duchessi O’Keefe and O’Leary (1993), which were then contemporized by industry experts. As result, eight themes were identified and supplemented with extant managerial theory. Finally, the conceptual framework was empirically tested through three case studies. The implications of the research undertaken suggest that AI impact management through the potential of value creation and demands a new set of competencies and capabilities. Management conversely impact them implementation of AI through the acts of an AI-driven leader and responsibility herof. In terms of the AI’s impact on the organization, the technology requires greater internal coordination and collaboration during the course of implementation, but also induces new ways of working for organizational stakeholders. In return, the organization impacts the course of implementation of AI-driven solutions through organizational resistance and structure. Furthermore, it has shed light on some interesting topics for future research in the field of enquiry. Finally, the authors hope that this thesis can inspire other scholars to investigate this highly relevant topic further, moving into the new digital economy

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages118
SupervisorsIoanna Constantiou