An Empirical Study of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Cosmopolitanism among Chinese Consumers and their Perception of Nordic Products

Mea Miikkulainen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Effects of globalization are widely recognized today around the world. Perhaps one of the most distinguishable examples evincing the impact of globalization is China, where recent economic reforms have had significant effects on the country’s economy and local consumer culture. The focus of this research is on understanding Chinese consumers’ perception and preferences when it comes to domestic and foreign products. This thesis has dual purposes, the first of which is to provide insight regarding the current situation in China from the perspective of consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism. The second purpose is to provide evidence on the potential impact of consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism on product perception and willingness to buy Nordic products. The data for this research are gathered through a questionnaire that was distributed in China mostly among MBA students and young professionals. These respondents represent the target segment of the chosen product category. Furniture was selected as the focus of this thesis due to its clear Nordic visual appearance. In order to answer the research questions, a quantitative questionnaire was formulated based on developed hypothesis, and the results were analysed by using descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The research findings contributed to specifying relevant academic and managerial implications

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages123
SupervisorsFumiko Kano Glückstad