An Analysis of Consumers Preferences for Online Grocery Shopping

Mike Wedel Hansen & Rasmus Empacher

Student thesis: Master thesis


The focus of this assignment is the danish grocery market, specifically supermarkets’ online sales channels and how come these seem to be less popular among the consumers than the more traditional physical grocery stores. With other products such as clothing, jewelry, electronics and entertainment-items being fairly popular in terms of online sales, there must be a reason why groceries are not bought as often through online sales channels and thus the assignment aims to analyse the behaviour of the danish consumers in regards to their opinions and preferences on buying groceries through online sales channels. This information will then be used to discuss and suggest possible ways to implement Direct Marketing strategies in order to increase the willingness of the danish consumers to do their grocery shopping through online sales channels. Secondary data from previous studies on the subjects of grocery shopping and general online shopping will be combined with primary data on the subject of consumers grocery shopping preferences through both online and offline channels, to study the behaviour of the danish consumers when they make purchase decisions about groceries. The primary data is collected through both a qualitative and a quantitative study, with the latter study being based on the results from the first study. Once these studies have been completed, the data will be used to study the behaviour of the respondents as a whole as well as to segment the respondents using cluster-analysis and analysing the differences in behaviour between the identified consumer segments. The studies variables will further more be used in a factoranalysis in order to use the correlation between variables to explorer the possibility of creating factors that can explain more abstract subjects and thus more complex behaviour among the respondents of the study. Correlations between variables will also be used to analysis how one aspect of the consumers’ behaviour affects other aspects of their behaviour. All of the results from these analyses will then be used to discuss possible ways of implementing more consumer focused marketing strategies, including direct marketing strategies, to increase the popularity of online grocery sales channels as well as the possibility of creating relationsships with the consumers in an attempt to secure future sales and thus the growth of the companies that choose to implement these strategies. The paper will end with a summary of the results and how these results can be used in both future studies in this area as well as future strategic decision-making by the grocery firms in the danish grocery market.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages186