Ny erklæringsstandard - udvidet gennemgang: En analyse og diskussion af revisorernes og øvrige regnskabsbrugers holdning til erklæringsstandarden udvidet gennemgang

Zenia Pedersen & Philip Martin Vienberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper concerns an extended review, which is a new standard of declaration regarding an audit’s report on the annual accounts. The standard is applicable for companies in accounting class B, which can be agreed-on at the annual general meeting held after the 1. of January 2013. The new standard of declaration is intended to give administrative relief, by giving all of the companies in accounting class B the option to opt out of an audit and the 37 international standards, which are underlying. The government intends to increase the competitive performance of the companies within Denmark, on this basis they have reported, that extended review can relief a company by as much as 25 %. Since the standard of declaration is not yet widespread in practice, the purpose of this paper is to illustrate the attitude that the users of financial statements have towards the new standard of declaration extended review. Relevant attitudes from users of the financial statement are included in the paper, but the primary focus will be the auditors, as they are the lead-user in regards to whether or not the new standard of declaration will be applied. The theoretical part of this paper, describes the need for an auditor in the society, plus the gap between understanding and expectation that can arise between auditor and the user of the financial statement. Furthermore the theoretical part will describe the reason for the new standard of declaration for an auditor’s function within the Danish legislation, hereunder the auditor’s statement on annual accounts. The purpose of the analytical part of this paper is to clarify the attitude towards the new standard of declaration, hereunder the potential gaps in expectation that may arise. This is done by providing state-authorized public accountants with questionnaires regarding the new declaration, and interviewing users of financial statements. From this a conclusion will be made, whether or not the new standard will be a success, and thereby be put into practice.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages245