Revisors rolle ved revision af Corporate Governance

Søren Christian Svenningsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is an analysis of the Auditor’s role in correlation with Danish Companies compliance with Danish Financial Statements Act § 107 b. Based on the increased discursions during the 1990’ regarding Corporate Governance, a set of guidelines was introduced in Denmark in 2001. The guideline’s was based on soft law and it was therefore up to the individual company to decide if it would follow them. Based on some unfortunate corporate scandals in early start of 2002, the European Union in 2003 initiated a plan to rebuild the trust to the annual reports. The solution was changes to the 4th and 7th EU directive in 2006. The changes should provide more transparency, in the annual reports. One of the main changes in the directives was that companies now suddenly, had to describe the internal control systems in regards to the financial process, and there compliance with corporate governance rules. The changes also affect the auditors’ responsibilities in their audit opinion in regards to their responsibility of companies’ compliance In Denmark, the 4th and 7th directive was implemented in 2008, in the Danish Financial statements Act no. 107 b. and Act no. 135. The thesis primarily consists of an analysis of how the auditors is to comply with the law. The result of our analysis shows, that there is room for improvement, since the companies does not fully comply with the law and the Auditors have insure that his opinion reflect this.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages85