Armed conflicts and spillover effects: A case study of Humanitarian International non-government organizations effects on the spillovers from multinational cooperation’s

Asbjørn Djurhuus & Lene Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis will explored the subjects of how the International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) activities contributes to the possibility of spillover effects occurring from Multinational Cooperations (MNC) foreign direct investment (FDI). The thesis will do these trough 7 criteria set up by Nunnenkamp, Blomstrøm and Kokko, H. Nguyen et al, and the authors. Through the analyses of the thesis it establishes links between INGO activities form Danish Demining Group and Danish Refugee Council and the 7 criteria of the thesis. Moreover the thesis will show how the specific activities can strengthen and contribute to the possibility spillover effects from MNCs occurring in a fragile and transitional country context. The thesis is a case study based on the activities of Danish Demining Group and Danish Refugee Council in Iraq. The thesis will demonstrate how the INGOs (DRC and DDG) explicit activities, identified in the analysis and discussion, can contribute to strengthen the possibilities of spillovers occurring, on a micro scale.

EducationsMSc in Business, Language and Culture, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages130