Værdiers betydning i Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri: En undersøgelse af mellemlederes holdning til og anvendelse af organisationens værdier

Juno Calmer

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


Organisational values are listed in most businesses and organisational strategies, however in many cases, values appears to have become something nice to have on paper but are not actually carried out. It is becoming more clearly that it is not enough to state values in a strategy or an employee handbook, values should be integrated in the daily tasks. In many organisations it is expected that the responsibility of values are taken on by the different levels of management, however only sometimes they manage to live up to their responsibilities. The aim of this thesis is to investigate middle managers attitude to organizational values and explain why middle management has difficulties carrying out organisational values, integrating them into their work, and passing them on to their employees. More specifically, this thesis analyses how the organisational values “Respect, Responsibility, Professionalism, and Development” are integrated in middle managers working life in psychiatric hospitals in the Copenhagen area. The aim is also to get a better understanding of whether or not managers attend to the organisational values, and whether it is possible to optimize the use of these values. Answers to above mentioned issues are found through theoretical and empirical research. The theoretical framework is based on three theoretical approaches; Structuralistic Strategic Arena theory, Descriptive Institutional theory, and Social Constructivistic and Narrative theory and perspective. Strategic Arena theory analyses and describes on what level the matter is approached and discussed. For example, if you have your own personal interpretations of values it is difficult to alter perspective. You can also use Arena theory to gain opportunities if you are able to manage strategically between the different arenas. The Institutional frame describes and interprets what we see. Isomorphism is an important concept and tool that helps us understand why changes do not happen very fast and why contradictions are present in big public organisations. The Socialkonstructivistic and Narrative approach focus on dialog and feedback within middle management, as well as the importance of the wording when messages are conveyed and received. The empirical research consists of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with five middle managers, each presenting their own unit at different psychiatric hospitals. The interviews give an indication of middle managers attitude and practical use of the organisational values within management. In addition to this research a questionnaire among employees was carried out in 2011 and repeated in 2012 Based on the results of the theoretical and empirical research, it can be concluded that the organisational values are poorly integrated in daily management by middle managers and thus, not surprising that employees lack focus when it comes to organisational values. It seems necessarily to discuss at middle management level how value based management is working along side New Public Management to integrate the middle management level in basis for decisions. Furthermore, it is not enough that only one middle manager is aware of the importance of values in one unit. It is crucial that all staff within an organisation is involved when it comes to carrying out values. In terms of recommendations, it could be a step in a more constructive way for the organisational values to be translated into a more concrete manner, e.g. as narratives and include them operationally in job descriptions. Moreover, it seems as if there is a need for reorientation of values in “Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri” and that it would be beneficial to boost these more actively and more frequently among middle managers than what is currently done.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages55