Ecosystem Innovation in the Danish Gaming Industry: An Ecological Perspective

Robin Sigl

Student thesis: Master thesis


The dynamic and ever-changing nature of today’s global economic system requires organizations, cities and nations to constantly reinvent themselves if they are to stay relevant and competitive. Furthermore, the move from an industrial society to a knowledge society has lessened the competitive advantage of raw materials and shifted the focus to knowledge instead. This has increased the demand for human capital and organizations that can perform knowledge-intensive work. If organizations, cities and nations want to stay competitive they need to attract skilled and knowledgeable creative that can facilitate innovation and economic growth. Furthermore, as more than 60% of the global GDP is generated by cities, it has become appealing for nations to build flourishing innovation systems that can nourish businesses and generate sustained growth.
This research endeavored into the field of innovation ecosystem theory and aimed at describing the contribution of such systems on innovation. This was carried out through a case study research of the innovation ecosystem revolving the gaming industry in Copenhagen. The empirical findings illustrated a young industry that is characterized by a strong network of relationships - relationships that contribute to the overall innovation performance of the ecosystem. Like living systems, the actors in the ecosystem share knowledge and resources to assist each other, and thereby assist the ecosystem as a whole. Overall there are two supporting factors that contribute to innovation ecosystem; one being the complete innovation ecosystem that works as a vital structure for enabling the emergence of innovation to happen, and the other being the different actualizations of what the system does. This means that the structures that make up the entire ecosystem function as supporting structures for the system’s capacity innovate. The universities, non-profit organizations and funding/venture capitalist institutions serve important roles in contributing to the innovation performance, as they provide game studios in Copenhagen with essential resources to carry out their innovation processes.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages97
SupervisorsThomas Burø