Fastholdelse i forandringer

Thomas Norman Svendsen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The project is the final part of my Master of Public Governance. This project deals with the prospect concerning premature turnover in the primary healthcare field of the public sector. The field of examination is through my leadership. The challenge of the project is my view and the common preunderstanding that the employees of professions, in this case nurses, are programed or disciplined to fight change and implementation of new technology and systems through their education. The Preunderstanding of the problem is a mixture of different variables. The complexity and the nature of primary healthcare. Can I show which factors, have a significant impact on premature turnover among nurses in a public health organization for promoting health among elders? Do premature turnover and mono academic professions collide or is it just plain fear of learning. Definition of the Problem: Can I demonstrate significant factors that are important in terms of retention of new employees’ nurses in an interdisciplinary and complex environment? The purpose of this project is to look for significant connections between the complexity of the work and the uncertainty about the future in the work. The Project: Seven qualitative semi structural interviews have been completed, during the period of the project. The method of structural view has been, with a combination of techniques for Grounded Theory and qualitative semi structural interviews. The respondents have all been nurses employed less than two years of service. The view of theory has been psychologist Michala Schnoor`s translation of narrative communication and theory, referring to professor David Cooperriders model of appreciative inquiry and Barnett Pearce and Vernon Cronens coordinated management of meaning model. Communicative tools need structural support, therefore professor Mark H. Moore`s concept of public value, as a tool of survival for the institutions in public service, can give life to a different narrative.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages206
SupervisorsAnnemette Kjærgaard