Udviklingsprojekter: En analytisk gennemgang af reglerne for den regnskabsmæssige behandling af udviklingsprojekter

Simon Fruensgaard & Peter Suhr Bundgaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


The accounting standards on development projects for recognition and measurement is associated with a great deal of subjectivity and interpretation. The thesis on development projects is an analytical review of the accounting standards for development projects, focusing on the challenges that companies can experience in relation to the accounting standards for development projects.
The basis of the thesis is in the international accounting standards and the Danish Financial Statements Act where relevant.
Throughout the thesis, we have analyzed the international accounting standards, to illustrate the complexity of the standards. In our analysis, we have discovered that the accounting standards is associated with a great amount of subjectivity and interpretation. In addition, there is many requirements for documentation in relation to the development projects, which the companies must obey by. All this sets high demands for solid internal processes, daily routines and registrations for the companies.
The great deal of subjectivity and interpretation in the accounting standards can lead to the standards being used differently across companies, which ultimately can lead to unintentional and intentional errors in the financial statement. Ultimately, this can cause problems in relation to the users of the financial statements.
As we expect that the digital technology among others will become larger in the future, we also expect that the amount of development projects will increase in the future. We believe, that this will put an increased focus on the accounting standards for development projects.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages124