Spread out the culture!! A pilot study on how to gain acceptance when trying to implement the corporate culture of Meltwater

Sebastian Bo Jensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose: Meltwater has over the last ten years gone from being a local company in Oslo, Norway to an international company with offices all over the world and Head Quarters in San Francisco. One of Meltwaters strategies has been to open up offices around the world using exciting employees, sending them out to find new talent in local markets, setting up offices and teaching the new employees the Meltwater culture. At the moment Meltwater only has one office in South America, which is located in Argentina. As Chile is one of the most stabile markets in South America and Meltwater already has an amount of clients here, setting up an office in Chile could be the next move. The purpose of the paper is to look into some of the cultural aspects and some of the difficulties teaching new employees from Chile, the Meltwater culture. Method: On the basis of a case study the paper sets out to research how Meltwater managers can gain the acceptance of the new Chilean talent in order to implement the Meltwater culture in Chile. This is done through a six different interviews with people who have knowledge of the Chilean working culture or of the culture of Meltwater. A theoretical framework is used in order to analyze the culture of Meltwater, the management’s relations with employees and the Chilean working culture. Findings: A discussion is created from the background of the three analysis mentioned above. I here point out what the Meltwater management should be aware of in terms of cultural aspects and point out which should be studied further. The managers at Meltwater should be aware the cultural differences there are between the Chilean culture and the culture at Meltwater. In some areas there could be some difficulties in gaining acceptance from the Chilean workers. Conclusion: Therefore a further study is recommended for Meltwater managers to find out how they can build relations with the new Chilean employees based on trust and honesty in order for management to implement the Meltwater culture.

EducationsMSc in Strategy, Organization and Leadership, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages86