Supply Chain Risk: A 3PL Provider Perspective

Gitte Kenning

Student thesis: Master thesis


The lingering financial downturn continues to drive volatile market conditions. This has a profound effect on the management of companies supply chains as the uncertainty levels amplify the risks exposure. Third-party logistics providers are key players in most firms supply chains in that transportation services along with certain basic value-added logistics services are highly mature areas in terms of outsourcing. The third party logistics providers do not “own” a supply chain in the traditional sense, but nevertheless assume responsibility for their customers supply chain as the physical goods pass through a warehouse or are shipped around the globe. This paper adapts the third party logistics provider perspective on supply chain risk. The aim of the paper is to identify the risk sources in the supply chain and recognise how the risk sources are mitigated. The key conclusions of the research are:  The vast majority of the risk definitions supplied by the 3PL industry manager‟s fall within the quantitative or system perspective spectrum of academia.  The versatility of Peck‟s model is demonstrated and it is with success used to categorise the supply chain risk identified by the 3PL industry managers. Furthermore, it is possible to demonstrate the interaction between the risk clusters through the available empirical data.  Steps are taken to identify three areas that provide evidence to the 3PLs risk mitigation abilities and maturity level.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages59