Framework conditions for entrepreneurship in Denmark

Line Bermann Larsen & Mie Majgaard Wraa-Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose of this thesis is to study how framework conditions facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship. It is regarded relevant, as Government stresses entrepreneurship and innovation essential to generate future growth in society. To answer this, framework conditions for entrepreneurial Danes are established in regards to study how framework conditions of the social model affect entrepreneurs. Findings from this can evaluate if current conditions can be modified in order to promote entrepreneurship to a higher degree. Modifications of framework conditions is initiated in order to improve number of entrepreneurs. Structure of this thesis is grounded in the model of Essential framework conditions for entrepreneurs (EFCFE model), which involves seven framework conditions identified as regulatory framework, market conditions, finance market, culture and norms, entrepreneurial education, programs for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial capabilities, which all are mutual dependent on each other. Empirical study of this thesis involves both qualitative and quantitative data of entrepreneurs, non-entrepreneurs and politicians in order to acquire various perspectives within the field of study. Current framework conditions are identified by secondary data, which reflect that there are several initiatives, which promotes, but also inhibits entrepreneurship in Denmark. Entrepreneurs in the empirical study evaluate current framework conditions and identifies that the social model affects entrepreneurs by several positive and negative factors in current framework conditions. It indicates that current framework conditions do facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation, but initiatives could be initiated even further in order to generate a higher level of entrepreneurs. This makes room for modification and improvement of framework conditions. In order to improve framework conditions, it is relevant to focus on growth entrepreneurs, as these are indicated to generate more value to society than regular entrepreneurs. Furthermore, framework conditions for growth entrepreneurs also favour regular entrepreneurs. Improvements within the seven framework conditions are suggested in order to increase future level of entrepreneurs in society. These suggestions are based on findings from the empirical study and are supported by secondary data.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages355