A Study on How MIILD Can Expand Their Market Segment

Amani Hammou & Ulla Mustafa

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of the thesis is to explore Danish consumers' behavior towards natural and organic cosmetics and it explores the extent to which these behaviors have an influence on their purchase intentions towards the newly upstarted Danish makeup brand MIILD. Moreover, the goal of this research is to investigate how a brand like MIILD can reach a larger market segment through their marketing strategies, mainly social media marketing. While there has been an increasing amount of research and literature on consumer behavior towards the consumption of organic goods, mostly food, a significant absence of research and literature on organic cosmetics is noticeable. The application of theories on consumer culture, the extended ‘self' and social media marketing is therefore central in order to examine the relationship between the consumer and the consumption of MIILD.
The thesis holds a philosophical standpoint within the paradigm of social constructivism, and the structure of the research design enables the combination of data collection techniques, which consist of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Findings are presented from an online survey questionnaire, MIILD's online social networking sites and an interviewwith the co-¬‐founder of MIILD,Tine Emilie Svendsen. This is also referred to as a triangulation, which stands for the application of several data collection techniques in one study. The study explores different types of consumer engagement on SNSs, while also investigating the motivations and antecedents behind such engagement. Results from the analysis indicate that the variables, giveaways, entertainment, and information, are the main motivations behind consumer engagement on MIILD's SNSs. This is supported by research that suggests consumers who engage with inner self-¬‐expressive brands that offer rewarding activities, information content qualities, entertaining and relatable content influence and generate brand awareness, and hereconsumers are more likely to offer WOM. These results are also the base for the proposed recommendations that will ultimately increase MIILD's market segment.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages145