A Study of the Market Opportunity for a Vegan Take-Away Concept in the Carnivorous Danish Market

Leander Lønborg Wewer Jensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the market opportunities for a vegan take-away concept with the aim of growing into a chain of outlets in the Danish market. The vegan field of study is still in its’ infancy for which reason the amount of empirical studies on the presence of veganism in Denmark is still small. The dissertation examines how veganism with focus on eating habits have become of interest among the Danish consumers. Likewise the dissertation attempts to map the eating habits of the Danes in order to assess the dissemination of veganism in present time. This is especially considered interesting due to the increasing tendency for people to adopt plant-based eating habits. This tendency is attempted to be clarified by incorporating both qualitative interviews constituted by five interview persons and a quantitative survey constituted by 213 respondents. The customer analysis attempts to map on a cognitive level why the consumers increasingly eat plant-based in addition to what customer group this vegan take-away concept must appeal to. A business opportunity, in the wake of the competitor analysis, has been perceived possible in the context of an increasing interest a plant-based diet. This has made the analysis of a potentially attractive market position particularly interesting.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages84