A Study of the Attendance in the Superliga: Initiatives to Improve Stadium Capacity Utilisation

Matthis Karlsson & Tobias Obel Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The danish Superliga has suffered from declining attendance and interest for multiple seasons and a new low peaked in the season of 17/18, where the league reached a new low of 5.515 average attendance per game. Meanwhile Allsvenskan, which is mostly identical to the Superliga in terms of quality, has seen increased attendance numbers over the same period of time. Therefore the aim of this thesis is to understand the declining trend in the danish Superliga and furthermore identify initiatives for the future to increase the attendance. In order to increase the average number per game, fans and people of interest must be moved towards a higher level of the Psychological Continuum Model. To examine the thesis a mixed method research was employed, involving both qualitative and quantitative methods. Interviews were conducted to develop the quantitative phase consisting of a subdivided online questionnaire exploring the reasons for fans to attend matches and how to increase the interest of people not currently attending matches. The quantitative data was ultimately applied to develop two Structural Equation Models (SEM) based on the Partial Least Squares (PLS) method, showing the importance of variables for attending Superliga matches and the general interest. The findings show that fans attending matches relied heavily on the social context and going with friends and/or family was decisive for their choice. Additionally, the atmosphere played a crucial part for the total experience, thus initiatives should enforce these elements to establish a higher consumption frequency among fans by having them invest in season tickets. Furthermore, fans not currently attending matches also put emphasis on the importance of the social element and are more responsive to offers, thus initiative should imply offers to groups of people to increase their interest. In doing so, an increased range of psychological and emotional associations will be created in the minds of the attendants, thus strengthening the psychological connection, increasing the likelihood of upwards movement in the psychological continuum and rate of attendance.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages115
SupervisorsSven Junghagen