A Single Case Study of GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark’s Use of Co-production via Facebook as Part of a Value Co-creation Process

Camilla Borg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis examines the concept of co-production with consumers on Facebook, and how this practice creates value. Co-production is an often used strategy by organizations in their attempt to handle the informed, networked and empowered consumers by making them active players instead of passive recipients through active involvement in the organization’s product. In exploring this the thesis uses the concept of co-creation of value, which stresses that value is a result of the consumer experience and is therefore being created in a collaboration between the company and the consumer. Through a qualitative analysis, which combines theory on social media, co-production and co-creation, it is examined how the case of GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark’s co-production on Facebook creates value, and how co-production therefore can be seen as a catalyst for cocreation of value. The analysis shows that social media can be seen as both the reason for the consumer’s demand for involvement, but also the tool with which the involvement can be effected. GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark’s co-production takes place on Facebook which has both positive and negative consequences for their co-production practice. Most importantly Facebook is the reason why their consumers want to engage with GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark in a co-production process. Additionally, Facebook is making it possible for GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark to facilitate a dialogue, involve communities and to open up for the consumers to choose how and when they want to interact with them. In relation to this it is shown how GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark’s benefit to the customers in form of a public exposure of the consumer’s contribution also is one of the reasons why their consumers engage with them in a co-production process. The thesis deduces that GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark’s co-production on Facebook co-creates value due to the positive experience consumers have in meeting the organization through the process. Hence, the value of co-production is not a result of the product which is co-produced with the customers. Instead the value lies in the consumers’ sense of having a say and feeling valued by GO’morgen & GO’aften Danmark, which is what represents the positive experience that creates value. Hence, this thesis shows how co-production in combination with Facebook puts the right foundations in place that will enable the organization and consumers to co-create value.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages77