A Recommendation for Carlsberg's Strategic Marketing of the Snap-Pack

Tara Gaard Grønlund & Julie Skou Fahrenkrug

Student thesis: Master thesis


Carlsberg is the first brewery to offer a sustainable packaging to their customers. In January 2019 Carlsberg launched the snap-pack that will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste. The Danish consumers are highly interested in the climate, which creates an increased demand for sustainable alternatives. However, it is interesting to research if Carlsberg's CSR initiatives and the intentions behind the snap-pack are an integrated part of their core business or whether it is an outcome of the branding opportunities as a result of the consumer's increased demand. This project will examine the effect and value-creating differentiation the snap-pack has on the consumers and the Carlsberg pilsner brand, and afterwards create a marketing strategy on how the snap-pack must be marketed most efficiently. The project shows that Carlsberg's CSR and sustainable initiatives are based on their core business and that the snap-pack has a positive effect on consumers and contributes with value-creating differentiation of the Carlsberg pilsner brand. However, our studies shows that the effect of the snap-pack is not only based on sustainability. The snap-pack is part of a repositioning of the brand, as it changes the Carlsberg pilsner’s brand image and creates new brand associations which has resulted in the Carlsberg pilsner now being able to appeal to a wider segment and becoming more than just a football beer. The project results in a recommendation of how the snap-pack should be marketed most effectively based on our knowledge gained throughout the project. The purpose of this is to convey the link between their social ambition and core business and create communities that will make the consumers act together with Carlsberg in creating a better future. Our project also identified a number of challenges associated with the snap-pack that could potentially reduce its value and impact if Carlsberg does not communicate these challenges in an understandable way. Although the snap-pack is just one step on Carlsberg’s sustainable journey, which is why it is important that Carlsberg continues to work on the development and optimization of their sustainable initiatives and alternatives in order to secure their leading market position in the future.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages108