A Phenomenological Investigation of the Present Employment-Thinking

Romeo Silviu Dinca

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis sets out to explore the underlying conditions of the liberal market economy, and seeks to reveal the general working attitude of our time. The fundamental hypothesis is that a certain attitude towards work has emerged in our common lifeworld, as a consequence of a predominant mode of employment-thinking. By unveiling the constitutive and regulative mechanisms of this particular employment-thinking, the paper aims to identify the work imperative of our time, an imperative however that is treated as a phenomenon growing as a consequence of what is referred to as "the techno-economical Enframing”. As it turns out, our contemporary age is dominated by an economic 'reason' shrouded in a particular understanding of technology, both of which in their combined effects complicates human recognition of the imperative to work despite its omnipresence. A phenomenological examination of technological views, economic and discursive factors and their influence on the individual human are then presented. With the ' the technoeconomical Enframing ' and the Danish national economic context as a setting, the theoretical insights presented throughout this thesis are applied in an empirical analysis, in order to reveal the neoliberal truth regime and its derived points of danger. Finally, the thesis suggests how our working life can be desacralized as a result of laziness's qualification as a means for profanation.

EducationsMsc in Business Administration and Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages76