A Market Research on Danish Smartphone Consumers: A Development of an Operational Management Tool

Mikael Engbjerg Madsen & Patrick Lykke

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis, is a study to demonstrate how a developed practical management tool can helpsmartphone companies better manage Danish consumer preferences in the future. An externalanalysis is conducted for the Danish smartphone market to achieve knowledge about importantfactors that affect the smartphone companies. Key findings are that smartphones play an importantrole in the daily life of Danish consumers and that the consumers are heavily interested in theproduct. The competition in the market are characterized by dominating companies that are affectedby a mature market and demanding consumers with fast changing preferences. To cope with theseconditions it requires innovative initiatives from the companies to satisfy consumers anddifferentiate them from competitors. The external analysis therefore supports the relevance of amanagement tool in the Danish smartphone market to cope with these challenges.A literature review was contributed to the design of the management tool. The management tool isbased on ECSI and TRA as the overall theoretically framework and are adapted to importantattributes related to smartphones. The dependent variables are customer satisfaction, loyalty,attitude and intention towards replacing smartphones. Main attributes that affect the dependentvariables are technical specifications, design, brand, operating system and new smartphones.Application of the management tool confirms that smartphone companies advantageously can applythe tool to management. A priority map from the survey displays how smartphone companies needto keep a main focus on technical specifications but also have a focus on design. Technicalspecifications were further analyzed into individual components but the results show difficulties ininterpreting where focus should be attached. Therefore it is concluded that the management tool hassome limitations for practical purposes. New products and social norms impact Danish consumerintentions toward replacing their smartphone. In order to get an understanding of smartphonecompanies’ manufacturing process an internal analysis was conducted. Product development wasthe most value-adding element in the companies’ value-chain. The analysis also show that bothprocesses are very complex and lengthy which involves many components and actors. A limitationfor the analysis is the lack of the exact time for developing and producing a smartphone. Innovativeinitiatives, time-to-market, production time and short product lifetime are all crucial aspects to havein mind when operating the management tool. Finally a detailed guide illustrating how to operatethe management tool is presented to smartphone companies. The conclusion of this paper is that it ispossible for smartphone companies to manage Danish consumer preferences in the future.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages156