A Critical Thesis on Special Considerations and the View of the Weak in a Philosophical Perspective

Niklas Emanuel

Student thesis: Master thesis


Differential treatment is a subject which is daily observed and debated of regular citizens,politicians, organizations and a lot of other interested parties whom all have different takes on howdifferential treatment can and should be handled politically and socially. Thus there are differentviews on the conceptions of equal rights and equal treatment, and there is a battle of words going onwhen these concepts is to be defined. Those who’ll win the battle of defining the concepts will beable to establish a social order of what can be said about, and is socially accepted in the context of,a given subject. This thesis is about how discourses form the concepts of equal rights between menand women and equal treatment between disabled and non-disabled people and attempts to createequivalences between different ideas in order to establish a hegemonic discourse and a current orderof society. The thesis is based on Danish employment legislation and primarily on a series of lawson different treatment and statements of organizations supporting the aim towards more specialconsiderations and treatments of specific social groups.The thesis concludes that there are series of statements about social groups being oppressed andwho should be protected and supported in order for those people to commit themselves to thesociety on equal terms of others. There is an idea, which is maintained, of different social groupsfighting each other in an unfair battle, men against women and disabled against non-disabled, andthat some people are born at a lower starting point than others as to natural abilities and theoppression of some social groups in the society. These statements are aimed at an overall discourseof the justice of equality. Thus equality is represented as an essential condition for the good societywhere unfolding of the life and equality between social groups is considered as great human values.Thus special treatment becomes positive towards realizing equality between social groups. Thisthesis will bring a critical look at this idea of helping the weak has value in itself from a principle ofequality of justice.Special treatment is directed at individuals of specific social groups who are weaker, and have alower starting point, than others, and therefore aren’t able to take care of themselves because oftheir unjust situation. There social groups are represented as oppressed and weak compared to otherand stronger social groups. The thesis attempts to point out some of the inhibitory effects of specialtreatment and the focus and weaknesses of specific social groups. As well as special treatment canhelp people with their natural and social struggles, as well as other problems in life, focusing on weakness can lead to more weakness, which affects the individual, the society and the culture. Theindividual is reified by categorizing and grouping. Furthermore individuals of these social groupsare maintained in weakness by their own and others observation of themselves as weak. Theindividual is inhibited by being maintained in this fight for rights and special treatment for therespective social group on the behalf of their weaknesses. The individual is inevitably involved inand is shaped by this fight and through the observation of and the discourse of the weaknesses ofthe social group. Following this there will be a moral problem if the weak are trying to achieverecognition through its weakness and its incompetence.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages74