Strategiske regnskabsanalyse & værdiansættelse af Nets A/S

Heidi Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Nets is positioned at the core of the digital payment ecosystem in the Nordic region. When consumers trade and pay at checkout, few of us think of the complex processes that are activated by digital payment. Nets ensures that funds are moved swiftly, securely and cost-effectively from your account to the supermarket's account. There are many advantages to Nets' digital payment solutions. In a world of various payment methods, businesses (physical and online stores) and businesses help to receive virtually all forms of digital payments across the Nordic region, and they assist consumers in paying, virtually regardless of which digital payment method you might prefer. It brings banks, businesses, stores and their customers closer together. Throughout the payment system, Nets assists their customers, thereby reducing their administrative costs. In other words, Nets shorten the distance between purchased and paid.
Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services in the Nordic region. In Denmark, Nets is especially known for being the company behind, among others, Dankort and Betalingsservice, NemID and e-Boks. They connect banks, retailers, businesses, the public sector, citizens and consumers through a digital infrastructure that makes everyday life easier in the Nordic region. Nets provides a wide range of payment i.e. card services, banking services, interbank clearings, retail payment solutions, businesses and the public sector as well as digital identity. The new services include digital receipts.
The history of Nets is dating back to 1968. For almost five decades, they have helped develop a modern payment infrastructure in the Nordic countries, including Dankort, Betalingsservice and NemID in Denmark, as well as BankID, AvtaleGiro and BankAxept in Norway.
The foundation for their business is to provide a stable and safe operation of all their services. Security has the highest priority for Nets. As a result, hereof over the past two years, they have tripled their investments in IT security and active prevention of short-term fraud. In autumn 2014, Nets began a comprehensive transformation process as part of a journey towards becoming more customer and market oriented and simultaneously more streamlined. Nets has become more innovative and today operates their business more efficiently. Over the past two years, they have launched several new strong products and as such improving the market position. Among other things, the contactless Dankort, Betalingsservice app and the digital wallet. Simultaneously they have made seven strategic acquisitions of companies, which have supplemented their services to the customers and strengthened the position throughout the Nordic regions. Whether it is mobile or contactless payments, repayable billing or real-time clearing Nets estimates that the rapidly expanding demand for digital payment solutions has just started, and Nets is in a good position to realize their growth potential.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages100