Ørestad city: Et postmoderne byrum

Jens Laugesen & Tomas Bohse

Student thesis: Master thesis


In our thesis, Ørestad City - a (post)modern urban space, we explore the concept of postmodern marketing on a theoretical and practical level applied to city planning. This particular theoretical field within marketing has been dismissed by many (modern) marketing scholars as being a critique, not a concept, and thus lacking the ability to define an alternative concept to marketing. Therefore our objective is to take on a more active approach by applying what we perceive to be five themes of particular interest with consideration to this particular problem in our pursuit to find a link between theory and practice. First off, we examine to which degree the urban open space of Ørestad City, the city centre of Ørestad, can be seen as an expression of postmodern marketing. Secondly we examine how potential new citizens perceive the postmodern city aesthetics, in order to finally conclude whether postmodern marketing as a concept seems to offer any applicability in the field of developing cities and designing urban spaces. Ørestad City is chosen as our case study on the basis of its radical nature both in terms of its genesis and more importantly its trail-blazing urban design in which groundbreaking architecture seems to play a key role. The conclusion from our theoretical analysis is that core elements of the aesthetics surrounding the urban space could be interpreted as expressions of postmodern marketing. The latter half of our thesis explores the potential practical applicability of postmodern marketing to the field of city planning. Our analysis, which is based on qualitative empirical data collected in three focus groups, suggests that certain aspects of postmodern marketing have the potential to add value to the existing marketing body of knowledge.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2008
Number of pages142