Moving innovation with user involvement

Lasse Smith-Jensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The race for innovation is on and innovation capabilities are considered as key components for achieving success in many industries. Leveraging external knowledge offers a chance to improve the problem solving processes behind innovation challenges. This master’s thesis will investigate how crossing organisational boundaries in the direction of users can be conducted. It can be an advantage to integrate users’ knowledge by involving them in problem solving. They sometimes hold key knowledge to solve an innovation challenge. Theories of integrating both individuals and crowds in creation of innovation are applied in the context of the case study firm Me-Mover. A firm recently established with the vision of involving users in its product development and marketing effort. Analysing empirical material, collected via interviewing Me-Mover’s CEO and an online questionnaire, with the selected theory concludes that user involvement has great opportunities. The majority of respondents to the questionnaire would like to be a part of the user integration. Integration can happen on individual level through workshops, or by broadcasting problems unsuccessful solved in a crowd. Then members of the crowd can submit solutions to a posted problem. The questionnaire also reveals intrinsic motivation as the most important for participating. Offering price reward or public recognition by the firm does not have the same effect on the respondents’ motivation. But user integration is not just a simple and cheap fix to innovation problems. It requires capital and prior knowledge to initiate and keep running, along with the right strategic setup of the firm. This thesis will investigate how an overall user integration strategy can be designed.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages101