Henrik Funck Petterson

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The project investigates an organizational change on Epilepsihospitalet Filadelfia and how the administation has practiced change management in relation to this organizational change and about the advantages and disadvantages it has given the leaders of the organization. The project is a case study including four interviews with leaders in the organization Epilepsihospitalet Filadelfia. The themes for the interviews are the advantages and disadvantages this organizational change has given them. A statement about opportunities for organizational change from one of the informer interviews was the following: ”Opportunities (long break) umm, I can’t see immediately that it has given me some opportunities, (long break again) but it has given me a lot more work, most a lot more work” The short answer to first part of the problem formulation is that Epilepsihospitalet Filadelfia practiced change which is expected from Fernandez and Reiney’s theory. It embraced organizational change, because the board and directors have made their process well understood that they have minimized the risk of resistance and thereby given itself good working conditions. The conclusion of the second part of the problem formulation is that there are advantages and disadvantages to all four informants. But there are also similarities of informants at my level, staff nurses, which are different from the senior nurses in department management and vice versa The conclusion of the task is that all four informants have seen the need for a change of Filadelfia and they participated actively and constructively in the change process. They did not have resistance to this process nor in the process. It is the managerial conditions subsequent which are the key point for the informants.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages111