Using Web Startups As A Paradigm Shift For Entrepreneurship In Troubled Economies: The Case of Greece

Michail Provatas

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis deals with the Greek web startup ecosystem and how different actors that participate in it affect it. While there have been numerous studies on web startups, most of them focus on the American market. The differences in cultures, policies, investment options and market structures across continents make those studies ineligible for the analysis of web startups in other countries. Furthermore, the current financial crisis that many countries have to deal with requires that a different approach be used. In order to identify the principal factors that affect the Greek ecosystem, existing literature related to web startups and the major players that affect them is presented. Furthermore, a qualitative analysis, based mostly on interviews with people having a deep understanding of the current state of the web ecosystem in Greece, has been made to highlight the issues that need to be resolved so that Greek web startups can prosper. The arguments made by the interviewees are valuated with the usage of related studies. The findings confirm that Greece has the potentials to support web entrepreneurs, especially at the earlier stages of their business. However, there are some major reformations that need to occur in the near future before that can happen. Those reformations and the overall approach required could potentially have an effect on other industries in Greece as well.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages61