Udvikling til kreative kulturer: Forskellige organisationskulturers vej til understøttelse af kreativitet

Jacob de Lichtenberg, Tanya Friis & Jacob Dorner Østergaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


The current and future market situation is of a somewhat critical nature due to the financial crisis and increased competition. For organizations to sustain and further develop their success, creativity is often referred to as an effective means. As a response to this, the present master thesis presents an analysis and discussion of how archetypical cultures can be developed to support creativity in order to discuss how different organizational cultures can develop and support creativity. Creative problem solving will be used as the main structural process approach. As a fundament for this, the authors examine theoretical perspectives on creativity, organizational change management and organizational cultures. The overall conclusion of the analysis and discussion is that various organizations will have various premises for how creativity best is promoted. These premises will also affect how various organizational cultures should go about generating ideas on how to develop their culture to better support creativity and prepare for this. Specific inspiration for how your organizational culture can be developed to better support creativity is to be found in the analysis.

EducationsMSc in Psychology, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages144