Kommunikative betingelser for velfærdsledelse

Celina Borup

Student thesis: Master thesis


The theme of this Master’s Thesis takes its point of departure in the questioning of the concept of Welfare Management in Denmark and how different forms of communicating about this concept constitute specific conditions for the practice of Welfare Management, specifically targeted towards the Public Health Care Sector. In mid 2007 the Danish government presented a new reform to improve the quality of the Danish Public Sector as a whole – The Danish Quality Reform. The key issues dealt with were the development of a more innovative work force as well as the improvement of Welfare Management, in order to improve the overall quality of public service. The Danish Quality Reform thus encompassed a Welfare Management Reform (WMR). The process, which led to the WMR, was based on the Danish government inviting 49 organisations and experts to contribute with their thoughts and ideas on the subject. These written contributions, the WMR, management policies as well as qualitative interviews conducted in the Health Care Sector are the empirical foundations of this thesis. The thesis is in sum a political discourse analysis, which focuses on the social implications of communication and sense making. The analytical strategy and concepts chosen to conduct and structure the analysis are primarily derived from Ernesto Laclau’s political discourse theory. Secondly, I have drawn upon the concepts of Desperate Governance, Games of Negotiation and Re-regulation put forth by Dorthe Pedersen. The key findings of the analysis show that seven competing discourses politicize and attempt to hegemonize the sense of the concept Welfare Management at different levels of policy and organisation as well as help form the identity of the managers in question. The multiple discourses result in diverging and even conflicting conditions and demands for welfare managers, which in turn may result in subtle strategies to avoid confrontation and most importantly offset responsibility.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages88